By June 6, 2013 Featured Pet

Harvey was found as a 3 month old kitten by Dr. Murphy along a country road in Kilbride. He initially seemed like a happy, healthy kitten and a home was found for him but soon he appeared to be having epileptic seizures. After a lot of medical testing, he was found to have roundworms and Toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease acquired from eating raw meat. He probably got this disease while foraging for food as a stray kitten. By this time he was having seizures fairly regularly. His initial adoptive family decided not to adopt him so we were not sure what was going to happen to him. Between seizures he was a happy, loving, cuddly kitten and Dr. Marsh decided that he needed a chance at life so she took him home to join her other 5 cats. The day he went to Dr. Marsh’s home he had 3 seizures. Things didn’t look good as his seizures continued weekly and sometimes daily. Harvey appeared blind after having several seizures but in a few days, seemed to be able to see ok. But with many medication changes to try to control the seizures, several nights sitting up with him while having and recovering from seizures and a lot more testing and treatment for recurring bouts of Toxoplasmosis, Harvey is doing well at this time. He and Dr. Marsh’s husband Gary are best friends and Harvey and Gary nap together, and go for walks together. He still likes to go outside but doesn’t always remember where he lives so he has supervised walks so he can still enjoy getting outside, exploring the garden and stretching out on the patio in the sun. Despite all his problems, he’s still a loving, happy kitty who gets along well with his 5 sister kitties, loves to eat, especially cheese and most of all enjoys his naps in the sun.