Introducy Lucy!

By June 6, 2013 Featured Pet

Twas the month AFTER Christmas and all through the house

Lucy the puppy is playing…she’s cuter than a mouse.

Cheryl hung Lucy’s leash by the chimney with cheer

Knowing that she’d been a healthy puppy all year.

She’s been to Headon Forest to be checked nose-to-tail

Their team has helped her grow strong without any ails.

Her diet is the best food to develop and grow

So she can have fun romping around in the snow.

Her puppy vaccines had gone smooth as can be

At eight weeks and twelve weeks and then week sixteen.

Her poop showed no parasites and her blood tests were done

So she had her spay surgery and everything was plum!

Her microchip implant ensures she’ll always have I.D.

No matter how far she runs, as fast as can be!

If out on the lawn she causes a clatter

Pet Secure Insurance will cover whatever’s the matter.

When Cheryl picks up her leash and gives a big whistle

Lucy comes flying like the down of a thistle!

With a wag of her tail and wiggle of her nose

Lucy is a perfectly healthy puppy… and it shows!

LucyLucy is an adorable 7 month old French Bulldog puppy. She has been all taken care of by her loving mom, Cheryl.

Cheryl has done everything necessary to ensure Lucy is protected from viruses by vaccinating her and growing steadily with an appropriate diet. She has chosen to microchip Lucy in case she is ever lost from home. Lucy has been spayed to ensure there will be no unwanted litters. Most of all, Lucy is insured with PetSecure Insurance, in case any unforeseen accidents or illnesses occur. Hats off to Cheryl for being such an excellent pet parent!