Sam is a 12 year old handsome Cocker Spaniel. Until recently he was a happy, healthy dog who enjoyed long walks, playing with brother J.J. and especially mealtime! Several months ago Sam started having diarrhea intermittantly that slowly progressed to vomiting, lethargy and inappetance. Upon presentation to Headon Forest Animal Hospital, it was quickly determined that Sam was a very sick dog. He was dehydrated, lethargic and dull. He certainly did not seem like the happy, bouncy dog that we were used to. After a multitude of tests including bloodwork, radiographs and an abdominal ultrasound, it was determined that Sam had a gallbladder mucocele. A gallbladder mucocele is an abnormal distention of the gallbladder caused by an inappropriate accumulation of mucous. It is an uncommon condition in dogs and can lead to infection, necrosis and rupture of the gallbladder. This disease is very often fatal and often requires emergency exploratory surgery. Following his diagnosis, Sam was sent to the Ontario Veterinary Teaching Hospital as a critical emergency. Major abdominal surgery was performed to remove his gallbladder and he spent several days in the ICU recovering. We are VERY pleased to report that Sam has recovered amazingly well from his surgery. He is back to his old self – active and happy!!! All his friends at Headon Forest Animal Hospital would like to wish him well and commend him for being such a brave boy!