Hello, my name is Zoey. I am a 4 year old Maltipoo. I have had pet insurance since my family brought me home at 8 weeks of age. I have always been a healthy dog, so my mom and dad would have conversations (lengthy conversations) of whether is was worth it to keep the insurance.

One night when my mom and dad came home from a movie, my mom left chocolate in her purse (obviously for me to eat). They didn’t seem very happy about taking me to the emergency hospital at 1:30 am. At 4:30 am we were on our way back home with a $250 bill. All was well, especially because my insurance helped cover the costs from that visit.

Recently, while I was home with my mom relaxing, I started feeling strange. My mom came into the room and found me unable to stand or walk. Before I knew it I was at Headon Forest Animal Hospital getting checked out. Dr. Martin thinks I had a seizure like episode and I was referred to a neurologist. At the neurologist I was told that if I had another episode I would need an MRI and a spinal tap to check my spinal fluid. These procedures may cost almost $2000. The cost of the combined visits at Headon Forest was almost $350 which was covered by my insurance. Luckily, I haven’t had anymore episodes but my parents are very happy that if I do need more tests they can do them because of my insurance.

A couple of days ago while on a walk, I started to favour my left hind leg. In I came to visit the girls at Headon Forest Animal Hospital. The doctor was concerned that I had a cruciate ligament tear. After being sedated and getting xrays of my knee I heard my mom yell “YAY!” I did not have a tear,it was my luxating patella acting up (which I may need surgery for in the future but not yet). My mom paid the bill ($520) with a smile on her face that I was fine and she will be expecting a cheque from the pet insurance provider.

I now never hear mom and dad discussing if pet insurance is worth it. Instead, they discuss how lucky they are to have signed up so early before all of my issues occurred. Now, if I can just stop eating my 2 year old brother’s food…..