It is with sad hearts that we pass along the news that our dear Trixie passed away on January 21, 2015. Trixie was surrendered to our clinic in 2012 when her owner could no longer manage her health problems-most of which resulted from being very obese. Trixie lived at the clinic until 2014 when she was adopted by one of our summer students. Trixie spent the last year of her life in a very loving home and was finally able to be a cat. Her new owner, Michelle, worked with Trixie to help her lose weight through controlled diet and hydrotherapy. Trixie was finally at a healthy weight and she enjoyed exploring both the upstairs and downstairs of her new home. Our thoughts are with Michelle at this very sad time and we are very grateful that she gave Trixie so much love and care.

Trixie was adopted by Headon Forest Animal Hospital in 2012 (see her full story under previous featured pets).  In early 2014, Trixie was very fortunate to find her forever home with Michelle, one of our summer students. Under Michelle’s care, Trixie has undergone underwater treadmill therapy and laser therapy which have helped her mobility greatly.  Adjunct therapy along with continued weight loss has   allowed Trixie to decrease her arthritis medication -she can even do stairs-a feat that was unimaginable months ago. Her diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease is in remission thanks to a special diet and controlled weight loss. Trixie is a very happy kitty and is living the life of a princess. Although we miss her sweet face and silly antics at Headon Forest, we are very thankful that Trixie is in a wonderful home enjoying her golden years. Thanks Michelle for giving Trixie a new lease on life.