Hi There! My name is Monte and I am a very handsome 7 year old Domestic Short Hair cat. I live with Dr. Murphy and wanted to tell you a little about myself. Every year, I get to go to Headon Forest Animal Hospital for a check up. I get a full physical exam so that all my systems are checked, including my teeth, heart, abdomen and kidneys. My mom takes some of my blood and urine to make sure my organ function is good and that I have no underlying infections. Because I go outside and come into contact with other cats, I also get tested for Feline Leukemia and Immunodeficiency Virus-two potentially very serious illnesses in cats. To be honest, this is not my favorite thing but I know that it is important and when my tests come back all normal, then everyone feels better. My poop is even tested for parasites which is pretty cool and I really don’t mind donating a sample.


During my check up, my Mom also updates my vaccines so that I am protected from some pretty serious diseases, including rabies! I like to catch small rodents when I am outside so I get dewormed every month and get flea prevention during the summer months. Mom puts this stuff on the back of my neck which smells a little funny but it isn’t so bad. Mom also weighs me at my check up. This year I gained some weight-yikes!! Now I am on a little diet because I want to keep my tiger-like physique and I know that being overweight makes me more prone to many diseases such as diabetes.


I also have a microchip- a tiny implant that sits just under my skin. Even though I do wear a collar with an identification tag and bells (to prevent me from sneaking up on birds-urgh), I often lose it when I sneak under things. The microchip is a permanent form of identification and that way, when my collar breaks or gets lost, I can always be identified if I ever get lost.


Next year, I turn 8 and mom says that I get to have a check up and laboratory testing every 6 months! I know that by regular checks ups and screening tests, diseases can be detected much earlier, even before I start to show symptoms of illness. Going in the car really isn’t that bad, even though I do cry a little bit. Mom covers my kennel with a blanket which makes me feel safe and she gives me lots of love and treats so that overall, my trip is more of an adventure. Thanks Mom!