Sadie’s Story

By December 12, 2017Featured Pet

Our featured staff member Michelle has written about her dog Sadie the healthy senior!

Let me introduce you to my Wheaten terrier Sadie who recently turned 10 years old, and is officially a senior girl! Sadie is as energetic and mischievous as she was when she was a puppy, and I think most of the time you would have no way of knowing how old she really is. 

With her age I have noticed some subtle, and not so subtle changes – one of these main concerns being her dental health. Sadie was in for a dental cleaning earlier this year and have transitioned her on to a dental diet that is appropriate for senior doggies as well. 

I have also added a few supplements to help with her anxiety, and an omega fatty acid to help with her joint, heart and skin health.

I want to keep Sadie a puppy at heart and make sure her physical health stays in top shape for many more years. I realize that a lot can change in a year, even more so with a senior dog. With the advice of her veterinarian I am starting to include blood work and bi-annual health checks to her routine.