Indigo: Lost and Found

By September 25, 2018Featured Pet

Indigo is lovely 4 year old German Shepherd who was adopted last winter. As a rescue dog, Indigo was quite timid and skittish however she quickly bonded to her new owners Jamie and Brenda and became a member of their family.

In June, Indigo slipped out of her collar when out for a walk in her neighbourhood and ran off. She would not come back when called and ran away when pursued. Indy had a history of running away from her previous home and had been known to scale a 6 foot fence in the past! Jamie and Brenda did everything they could to find Indy and bring her home safely, including enlisting the help of  community members, Burlington Animal Control, Halton Regional Police and finally a professional pet recovery organization called Healing Hearts.

Indigo was away from home for 16 days. She was spotted all over Burlington and after a co-ordinated group effort Indy was eventually contained in a backyard. Jamie was able to entice her with food and catch her. She had lost a lot of weight, her paws were bleeding and her tail appeared to have been ripped off at some point during her travels. Her family brought Indy right away to see our team at Headon Forest Animal Hospital. Dr Murphy examined Indy and found that she had a large skin wound on her rump and her tail was missing except for a few centimetres of exposed muscle & bone left at the base. Indy had lost nearly 14 pounds, had a few chipped teeth and her paw pads were torn from running scared on hot pavement for several weeks. She was home safe but had lots of healing to do.

Dr Patton started the process of surgical repair for Indigo’s large wound and traumatic tail amputation. The wound was too large to close so we elected to clean & trim the wound and manage it with a honey bandage that was sewed onto her skin. Honey has been show to promote healing and has anti-bacterial properties. Indy’s bandage needed to be changed often so she and her owners became well acquainted with our team at Headon Forest at her frequent visits. We were all amazed at how quickly Indy’s condition improved! Her wound steadily decreased in size and her comfort improved every day. She gained weight and her paw pads slowly healed.

Indy’s story captured the hearts of people in Burlington and she was even featured in the Burlington Post! Community members donated to help cover the costs of her veterinary care. We are all inspired by Indigo’s bravery and her family’s commitment to finding her and helping her recover from her injuries. Today Indy is back to her healthy weight and is doing very well at home!