Abbey the Grouchy Old Cat

By January 16, 2019 Featured Pet

Miss Abbey was a grouchy 16 year old cat. She wouldn’t let anyone pet her belly or her lower back and would become quite crotchety! She was becoming more anti-social and started to withdraw from her family. Her owners noticed that she appeared stiff when walking around the house and she stopped going down to the litter box in the basement. For several months she had to jump up on a chair to get up on the counter. Her hair coat was matted because she wasn’t grooming herself well and would not tolerate brushing.

Abbey’s family was concerned about her and brought her in for a physical exam with Dr Stephanie van Monsjou. Dr Stephanie recognized Abbey’s symptoms as indicators for arthritic pain. Her examination found discomfort in Abbey’s hips and lower spine, which are common areas for arthritis in senior cats and dogs. Senior bloodwork and urine testing was done to rule out any other disease processes.

Dr Stephanie started Abbey on a treatment plan for her arthritis including pain medication and joint supplements. Abbey’s owners had her mats shaved and groomed into a lion cut. Almost immediately Abbey was feeling better! She was much less grouchy, acted more affectionate and enjoyed being petted by her family. Over the next few weeks, her family found that she was more interactive, roaming the house more and was jumping up more easily. She even started grooming again. Managing Abbey’s arthritic pain has really improved her quality of life and her attitude too. Abbey is no longer known as the grouchy old cat!