• Feb 24 2014

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    Preventive Plans

    We are excited to introduce affordable monthly preventive plans to keep your pet and budget healthy! Check out our link to Preventive Plans above for more details on how we can help you save money on…

  • Feb 05 2014

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  • Dec 19 2013

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  • Sep 25 2013

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  • Sep 10 2013

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    Summer Newsletter

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  • Jul 31 2012

    Don’t Take Flea and Tick Prevention for Granted!

    We are lucky in North America! The incidence of many infectious and parasitic diseases is much less than other areas of the world. However, take heed and be on the alert as new diseases emerge and old…

  • Jul 17 2012

    High-Rise Syndrome

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s your cat, and unlike Supercat she’s not soaring. She has just taken a leap out of your 6th story window, perhaps still brimming with her cat confidence…