By June 6, 2013 Featured Pet

My name is Trixie, a.k.a. Trixie Doodle, I am Headon Forest Animal Hospital’s new clinic cat.

I came to them in April of 2012 when my owners could no longer take care of me. I lived in a busy household and I used to have a lot of accidents when it came to using my little box. I was also morbidly obese, had arthritis and I would get awful urinary tract infections and skin infections around my private parts because I couldn’t groom myself properly. I have since been on a special diet to help me lose the extra pounds while keeping my lean muscle (yes, I have muscle under all the fat!) and already I have lost over 3 pounds! I hear that this is a big deal in feline dieting!!

The doctors at Headon Forest put me on medication to help my arthritis and the wonderful girls keep a close eye out for any problems in the urinary department. I also have an extra large litter box that is kept very clean and a little step to help me get into the box. I try so hard to make sure I use the litter box every day and I now only have the occasional accident. Everyone at the clinic treats me so well and I feel so grateful everyday that they gave me a second chance!!