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Hello my name is Punkie and I was surrendered to HFAH in August 2007 with a broken leg. I was immediately adopted by my new mom and Veterinary Assistant extraordinaire, Katie.

punkie-2After three long months of x-rays and weekly splint changes, I can finally run free! In the beginning I was a shy and nervous pup, but my new mom has shown me the ropes. Now I run confidently with the big dogs! I must be one of the luckiest dogs around as I come to work with my mom every day. When I hear the front doorbell ring at Headon Forest I know I must do my job as the official greeter- I run as fast as I can to the front and bark at everyone. I usually create a lot of attention for myself. I also love to bark at things that move outside –this sometimes makes people working in the office jump a bit-whoops☺. I just want everyone to know that I may be small and cute, especially in my fashion forward outfits, but I also have a big heart and just love being rubbed and making people smile!


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We are so very pleased to announce that our precious Kelly has found her forever-home with a lovely family in Burlington. We are so happy that she gets to watch birds in the window, chase toys and play with her best pal, Linus and new doggie-friend, Athena!


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Hi, my name is Shea Ping. I am a 2 year old male Pekinese and was adopted by John and Lorene Hall (Dr. Hall’s parents) when I was one year old. I had 3 homes prior to this but now I am in my forever home! I am always happy and I love meeting new people and animals. One day last January after jumping off the couch, I suddenly couldn’t feel part of my right hind leg and began dragging it behind me. I was immediately examined by Dr. Hall and was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease, a neurologic problem where one of my intervertebral discs was pressing on my spinal cord. I was referred to the Ontario Veterinary College where surgery was performed to remove the compression on my spinal cord. The surgery eliminated the pain I was feeling and made me feel much better but unfortunately there was such severe damage to my spinal cord that I became paralyzed from the waist down. After weeks of postoperative physiotherapy including hydrotherapy and leg exercises, I finally have some movement in my legs! I may never walk again but just recently, I finally was fitted for my brand-new cart! I now tear around as good as new on my wheels and have even learned to go in reverse. I can do almost everything other dogs can do and am as happy as I’ve ever been!