• Sep 22 2016

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    World Rabies Day

    September 28th 2016 is World Rabies Day. It was launched in 2007 to raise awareness about the impact of the disease on human and animal health. Rabies is probably a disease that you’re familiar…

  • Sep 20 2016

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    Rabies confirmed in Domestic Cat in Ancaster

    In late August, the first local case of Rabies in a domestic cat in several decades was confirmed in rural Ancaster. Over the past year, Rabies cases have been increasing in wildlife in the…

  • Sep 15 2016

    Thumbnail for Responsible Dog Ownership Day

    Responsible Dog Ownership Day

    The American Kennel Club has been celebrating Responsible Dog Ownership days for over 14 years, hosting events and demonstrations, Canine Good Citizen tests and more in an effort to celebrate and…

  • Sep 08 2016

    Thumbnail for Animal Pain Awareness Month

    Animal Pain Awareness Month

    September is Animal Pain Awareness Month, created by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management, to encourage various individuals and organizations such as clinics, veterinarians,…

  • Sep 01 2016

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    September is Happy Cat Month!

    September is Happy Cat Month! Cats are wonderful companions and pets. Take some time to make sure as a cat owner, you are dedicated to ensuring you have a happy feline friend. Some things you can…

  • Aug 25 2016

    Thumbnail for August 26th is National Dog Day!

    August 26th is National Dog Day!

    National Dog Day was created to celebrate all dogs; large and small, purebreds and mixed breeds, family and companion dogs as well as all the working dogs that selflessly provide services, assistance…

  • Aug 18 2016

    Thumbnail for Aug 22nd  is Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day

    Aug 22nd is Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day

    August 22nd is Bring your Cat to the Vet Day. It is the perfect opportunity to schedule your cat’s routine veterinary check-up and think about any health-related red flags or issues you may have…