Kitten Preventive Plans


Congratulations on your new kitten!

Our Preventive Plans are specifically designed to provide convenient, affordable and optimum health care for your new addition.  For a low monthly fee, this plan includes:

    • Three health care examinations and all booster vaccines
    • Pre-anesthetic blood testing – complete blood count and comprehensive chemistry profile
    • Deworming for the most common intestinal parasites
    • Viral testing for two common viral strains found in cats, Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
    • Microchipping as a permanent means of identification to reunite pets and owners if they are ever lost
    • Fecal testing to look for parasites not treated with routine deworming
    • 3 additional examinations free of charge
    • 6 weeks of a pet insurance trial (if not already enrolled)
    • Complimentary bag of Pediatric Veterinary Diet Essential Care 1.6kg
    • Complimentary pedicures with every exam to pamper your pet
    • 10% discount on all flea and de-worming products
    • Nutritional Assessment (at ~12 months of age)
    • 10% discount on additional laboratory tests
    • 10% discount on diets



Spay/Neuter procedure at approximately 6 months of age is also included in this Preventive Plan. This service includes:

  • Comprehensive pre-anesthetic exam
  • Spay or neuter procedure
  • Intravenous fluids during anesthesia and in depth monitoring of vitals
  • Medications for pain management both during and after the procedure
  • Post-operative recheck appointment for suture removal (if needed)


  • Surcharge for umbilical hernia, de-claw, cryptorchidism, deciduous tooth extractions, if in heat etc.
  • Further hospitalization and diagnostic testing for unwell patients will incur additional fees and are not part of the Preventive Plans.
  • A non-refundable enrollment fee of $40.00 is billed at the time of initial enrollment. This fee covers the associated administration fees.